15 thousand Internet-connected devices can be attacked to dig virtual mone

Technology News: Avast network security firm said to be $1000 virtual money, hackers can attack 15 thousand Internet-connected devices within 4 days. Estimates to the year 2020 there will be over 20 billion of equipment were attacked and five past 2017 is nearly 8.7 billion devices.

The Internet-connected devices such as smartphone is very vulnerable to hacker attack through the camera and turn them back into virtual money digging tools, network security firm Avast-specializing in anti-virus software said.

15 nghìn thiết bị kết nối Internet có thể bị tấn công để đào tiền ảo

Past fourth Avast has held a demonstration at MWC event 2018. Because there are some devices that are running on the network provides data mining software cryptocurrency.

Virtual money mining is the process of verifying the transaction on a network shared by cryptocurrency to run complex algorithms on a computer that has the high capacity. Virtual currencies like Bitcoin is difficult to exploit if the lack of this machine but kind of virtual money for other cryptocurrency call monero then more simply if based on the devices connected together in a network the internet.

The evidence is the Avast software was not accessible on the device under attack but based on the tests, the company has calculated the 15 thousand is the number of the equipment needed to get the $1000 virtual money within 4 days.


15 nghìn thiết bị kết nối Internet có thể bị tấn công để đào tiền ảo

On the theory of an attack will begin with the hacker will constitute a network of interconnected devices, then combine them deals create a calculation tool to exploit virtual money monero. While 1000 USD amount is not too large but with speed like this in 2020 will have more than 20 billion Internet-connected devices will be attacked to dig virtual money.

According to a forecast from research firm Gartner number attack is in fact much higher, particularly in the year 2017 is about 8.7 billion devices.

Ondrej Vlcek-Chief Technology Officer of Avast has stated on CNBC Friday April: “The popularity of the devices connected to the current realities are increasingly causing them to become targets of hackers nowadays”.

Gradually we entered the era of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) the exploitation of virtual money of the hacker also is growing in that direction. In 2016, an attack supported by North Korea has been targeted hacker exploited virtual money, cause many problems in copper trading Moreno.

Monero is one of these virtual currencies are the “bad object” favorite because of this is digital money anonymously (anonymous users).

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