Apple gets elements ‘ tell ‘ standby battery time on MacBook

Technology News : pin iPhone problems still have not appeased the Apple again entangled in a similar scandal. This is because the airline has given the false information relating the real battery of MacBook.

Apple bị tố 'chém gió' về thời gian pin chờ trên MacBook

According to Softpedia, many customers have accused Apple deliberately exaggerated the standby battery time on the MacBook after each charging, among which the customer also claims Apple has refused to check or repair the faulty laptop.

Specifically, Apple promises the battery stand-by time a MacBook for up to 30 days, but many users complained pin drop much more quickly when the machine is in standby mode (standby) and battery standby time therefore only about 10-15 days after each charge.

Quite difficult to prove Apple was exaggerating when claiming 30 days, by the company conducted the test article in the best conditions with low battery consumption as possible. But still have users who insisted despite shutting down completely, then each day the battery still drop to 15%.

A MacBook user said his machine had dropped 7% on each battery when complete shutdown (shutdown), leading to the only after 10 days, your batteries drop to near 0%. After that, he decided to bring the machine to the Apple Store and use the battery to fix the AppleCare warranty package. But the Apple Technician did not proceed to the post test the pin time waiting and always refused the warranty for MacBook.

 This guy is not happy, send mail to Apple CEO Tim Cook to announce the incident, and was the spokesman of the Apple is Shane Barton contact, given that the MacBook you haven’t failed at all.

They even prevent I bought new batteries at the local Apple Store, “he said.

At the same time, Apple’s spokesman also told him that “If you want to the intervention of the law, then just do it.” In other words, you can sue if desired by any Apple didn’t change the battery for you.

Though Apple’s answer way will harm its image, especially after the battery incident iPhone and iOS update 11 and macOS makes its slow equipment goes, it also made many people wonder why Apple cons again refused to talk about the service This MacBook battery luxuriant groves more specifically.

Many users have to know the Apple Technician answered that this battery wear is normal. Means that Apple really has exaggerated the time battery wait 30 days, and certainly they will have to explain this incident, late sooner if don’t want more trouble.

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