Apple will launch a cheap MacBook Air on second quarter/2018

Technology News: “He” Apple Ming-Chi Kuo has just put out a report that shows three Apple products that investment should pay attention in the year 2018, includes: 6.1-inch LCD screen, iPhone, and MacBook Air cheap new AirPods

Apple sẽ tung ra một chiếc MacBook Air giá rẻ vào quý II/2018

According to MacRumors , the while two first products have been mentioned so much in a few weeks or even a few months, this is the first time we heard about an upgrade for the MacBook Air.

Specifically, Ming-Chi Kuo said:

We (KGI Securities-firm that Kuo is doing) predicts that Apple will launch a new MacBook Air with the cheaper prices in the second quarter, 2018. The total volume sold in the year 2018 MacBook (all models) will increase from 10-15% in comparison with the year 2017 (compared with reduced levels of 0-5 laptop industry in General). While the subcontracting company Quanta, Radiant, Catcher and SZS will benefit greatly from this, SZS also benefit from increased levels of market share is higher than previously“.

Kuo did not add any specific details about the new MacBook Air except for a lower price. The current MacBook Air line is considered to have been quite obsolete when a substantial upgrade within 3 years. Apple also out of production completely several prototypes, including model MacBook Air “tiny” 11-inch screen. The upgraded MacBook Air 13-inch most recently on June last year, upgraded processor chips, however the chip still in Broadwell have appeared from the year 2014.

Besides upgrading the configuration such as graphics card, processor chips, other components can get upgrade is the screen, which currently only stops at 1440 x 900 level, i.e. not yet reach the Retina as the high-end MacBook line. Users also will be very excited if Apple upgrades of up USB communication ports-C/Thunderbolt, and the changes in terms of the General design considering the design of the MacBook Air currently has progressively outdated.

Apple sẽ tung ra một chiếc MacBook Air giá rẻ vào quý II/2018

Kuo confirmed that the second quarter-news from April to June – will have the WWDC event (seminar of the global developer of Apple) in June, so most likely the new MacBook Air will also be introduced.

In addition, in a separate report, Kuo predicted the AirPods and a new headset headphone senior hooded Apple’s upcoming will be the future of AI and AR that Apple are ambitious implementation. He believes that compared with the Apple headphone, HomePod will be able to reach people faster and more personalized.Kuo is very optimistic about the market’s demand for the AirPods, but quite hesitant when talking about the work this loa review HomePod not getting positive attention.

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