Apple will replace the MacBook Air with MacBook 13 inch?

Technology News: the rumors last year that said Apple will death MacBook Air, but it did not happen that the company viewed the product as cheap options for everyone, except the 11-inch MacBook Air ceased production.

Apple sẽ thay thế MacBook Air bằng MacBook 13 inch?

MacBook Air ultra-thin design with a standard for the industry

According to BGR, the MacBook Air is one of the iconic laptop that Apple has ever produced, bringing a thin design almost immediately received by the technology community. This device is still one of the best selling MacBook on the market, because it can bring great experience for most computer users.

However the MacBook Air did not get a design improvement would in many years, when Apple focused product development replaced the MacBook Air (12 inch MacBook) and redesigned MacBook Pro line.

This year, the report from Digitimes said Apple will introduce the MacBook 13 inch at the beginning of the year. The supply chain from source said General Interface Solution (GIS) has received the amount of orders LCM (LCD module) quite large from Apple.

Chairman Chou Hsien-ying of GIS on the previous quarter confirm the GIS have become suppliers of LCM for MacBook, with expected sales of about 600,000 falls on the LCM/month in late 2018 or double the current capacity. GIS is also producing partner 3D Touch for iPhone X.

Digitimes has not mentioned the MacBook Air product line in the report, but if the MacBook 13 inch are geared to cheap segment can MacBook Air will no longer exist.

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