Bill Gates: Bitcoin can be murder tools

Technology News: the American billionaire said that anonymity of virtual money is making it become the next hand tool for active traders the types of drugs.

According to Bill Gates, the anonymity of the virtual money means it is related to terrorist financing, tax evasion and money laundering. “Many organizations already use virtual money to buy drugs, Bitcoin as fentanyl. So it became a technology to kill people directly, “the US billionaire said in a recent interview with Reddit.

He said that the main advantages of virtual money is anonymity. However, he does not think this is a good thing. According to Gates, the ability to detect tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing of the new Government is a good thing.

Bill Gates: Bitcoin có thể là công cụ giết người

Gates said on the BBC is excited with Bitcoin. Photo: CNBC.

“I think the wave of speculation revolves around the ICO and money is extremely dangerous with those who determine long-term head plaque”, Bill Gates stressed.Earlier, legendary Investor Warren Buffet also said that virtual money will end.

However, Microsoft is not the boss who frequently criticize Bitcoin. In 2014, he told Bloomberg TV that “better monetary Bitcoin”.

The views of Bill Gates has met the immediate reaction of many investors. They said that his only criticism is an attempt to influence the market. Meanwhile, some others think he need Gates to reconsider the nature of the Bitcoin.

In the conversation with Reddit, Bill Gates also shares his top three goals are to reduce the number of deaths, malnutrition of children and ending polio status. Each year, he and his wife-Mrs. Melinda are spending millions of DOLLARS for charity with projects in education, health. Melinda Gates Foundation Fund of the couple he also sponsored the development of blockchain-tech behind virtual money for merchants in Kenya.

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