Computer worth 600 million stolen to dig virtual money

Technology News:11 people in Iceland just accused of stealing a large number of computers dedicated to virtual money.

Although the sum was the culprit but the police have yet to find out the number on the computer. The value of the plot of the computers stolen at about 2 million, but if used to dig virtual money, they will bring a much greater value.

600 máy tính trị giá triệu đô đánh cắp để đào tiền ảo

PC series “horrible” theft to virtual money.

“This is the stolen computers to the largest scale ever. All traces are leading to organized crime, “NBC News News Agency quoted Olafur Helgi Kjartansson police chief in Reykjanes (Iceland) said.

Actually, this is not a single burglary. Of 600 computers are assembled from many burglaries, in many different locations. Two of burglary that took place at the Reykjanes peninsula.

Virtual money was the target of the theft crime. But the break into the building to take away large quantities of computer training is the easy bitcoin.

Seems, the suspects in the thefts of large scale will be peeled long-long calendar.

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