Currency than billion each day thanks to the exclusive sale of catering on board

Technology News:the company ration not Hanoi recorded a turnover and profit in 2017 the highest to date.

Benefit from the aviation market is growing, reports fiscal year 2017 has been a joint stock company aviation ration (Noibai Catering, stock code: NSC) recorded a turnover and profit record high.

Sales and service providers rose more than 15% over the previous year, to 630 billion and far beyond the plan earlier this year. The activity provides more contribution ration 77.5% on total sales, equivalent to 490 billion. On average each day the company currency to about 1.3 billion from the exclusive offer for many major airlines at the airport.

Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines), and is the largest shareholder holds more than 60% of the shares in this, is the company’s largest customer, with purchases worth up to 346 billion, accounting for more than half the revenue.

Thu hơn tỷ đồng mỗi ngày nhờ độc quyền bán suất ăn trên máy bay

Vietnam Airlines is the largest customer of the ration is not.

By the company to promote processing activities to try, touted franchise and tapped should the cost of sales rose more than 18 percent over the previous year. This plus financial revenues plummet, the cost of managing the two-digit growth business should profit before tax was only 105 billion.

Financial statements also show the total capital reached 456 billion, up near the fold for the first time compared. The cause is due to the mutation changes the official increase in company equity to maintain the proportion of the equity on the loan at optimal levels to ensure effective arrangements for capital construction projects on processing ration basis does not treat the price of 478 billion.

Catering company as Civil Aviation Post production processing factory Hanoi, ration be equitized under the direction of the Ministry of transport in 2004. The company plans to serve nearly 7.6 million for more than 50,800 flight in the year 2017. As stated earlier, the average price of each sale ration for the airlines is 63,000 Council, estimated the interest rate section in which approximately 8,300 Board.

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