Disillusionment because of ‘ old ‘ water buffalo ploughs virtual money China

Technology News: many investors fear the bubble will burst in bitcoin virtual money in 2018.

The price of virtual currencies bitcoin bouncing around the 10,000 level currently USD/bitcoin, at one point dropped below $6,000, that is, only by 30% in value compared with the highest price point. The other virtual currencies are also global.While the mine miner mining to increasingly scarce because of the level of difficulty increases algorithm makes “water buffalo ploughs” (excavator virtual money) not function effectively, bring about lower profits.

Thus, recently, the dig virtual money in Vietnam rushing for sale Buffalo ploughs with cheap price.


See us with the sad face, Nguyen Quang, business professional, installing a virtual money machine in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM, said companies are real soldiers project because no customers, many employees have retired.

“A water buffalo ploughs virtual money for sale with prices only from 45 to 60 million but still very few people buy. While earlier, the virtual coins at the price of bitcoin is up the rush, many malls excavator is charged 80-100 million/the options category.Unbelievably fast global virtual money so price “-he sighs. However, he still hoped the future coins will rise again, then your business will no longer be unsuccessful as now.

The new ago months, Mr universe, a virtual money miner in Tan Phu district, HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM, spent almost 3 billion VND to invest a “Buffalo stables” intensive virtual money. The new Coop came into operation, the virtual amount of exploitation if new money conversion is approximately several hundred million but forced to sell the empties in a rush.

“Before each Buffalo ploughs digging was 500-600 USD/month, now reduced to only 200-300 USD/month. While each machine cost about 2 million of the money power, not to mention Coop rental charges, management, employees. So except for the depreciation of machinery, repair costs … each excavator only grossed about 500,000 to 1 million dong per month “-Mr. Universe explained.

Inefficient investment should he either sold any Weapons or went to grab another investment. “70-80 at excavator Purchase Price million/air, early February sold 60 million/machine was the hole but no buyers, had dropped to 35-40 million/air”-Mr. Universe sadly.

A number of other investment trader admitted at the price of virtual currencies rose sharply to nearly 20,000 USD/bitcoin, many units have very high price with screaming Buffalo plough which are still expensive. Now when the price decreases, the amount of virtual money to invest should price stagnated air spinning slowly digging about real values, not blown up as khan.

England, a virtual money miner has just Arts Award, adds: Staging your Buffalo plough virtual money to leverage the power of the graphics card (VGA). A machine with a VGA 4-6 run throughout the day and night to decode the string blocks, create value converted into virtual coins. With the price of the expensive VGA components, plus the store computer components wouldn’t sell VGA for miner for fear of trouble in the stitch warranties.

“This makes the price-increasing components, the miner to spend more capital expenditures, while money should give renewed selling discount virtual machine”-anh Tuan said.

Vỡ mộng vì ‘trâu già’ cày tiền ảo Trung Quốc

 Bitcoin transactions at a restaurant on the Self Management, District 1, HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM. Photo: HOANG GIANG


In addition to the reasons above, one of the causes of decision making about dig virtual money broke water buffalo ploughs is due too dependent on supplies from China (CN). Specifically, after a massively imported from CHINESE, Vietnamese investors realized the TQ components capable of handling the data is very low, the average lifespan was only 2-3, shopping, then right again.

Talk more about this issue, he Drastically, a virtual money investors in HO CHI MINH CITY. HCM, commented: “the virtual money machines imported into Vietnam are from TQ with cheap but the quality is a problem, high energy consumption. The result is water buffalo ploughs very quickly ageing, continuous failure, the ability to be very poor virtual money should force the miner must spend a lot of money for the repair or replacement of components found “.

Tri Nguyen Hieu economic experts identified in 2017 may be the golden year of the bitcoin as are investors in the various countries concerned. But in 2018 will be going down for the money. By the Government of many countries are finding ways to manage, tightens and reduces the development of virtual currencies.

“Vietnam still in the finishing stages of legal frameworks to manage virtual currency; CN also had these measures to secure virtual money … So, dig virtual money or invest this money is extremely risky “-economic expert Nguyen Hieu said Position.

The State Bank also has repeatedly confirmed the release, supply and use of virtual money in General and the litecoin in particular, bitcoin do currency or means of payment is prohibited behaviour. The Agency also warned business phenomenon, investors spent a huge amount of money to import massively computers to dig bitcoin and some sort of other virtual money ever happened but then have to sell junk … due to severe losses.


Many investors admit investment capital poured into virtual coins bitcoin are stagnated because of the overarching anxiety mood in recent times. One of the causes is that Facebook has banned all cảloại ads for imaginary money, including bitcoin vàICO-a form of fundraising demo startup instead of cash as usual. These were part of the policy against the nhàmarketing scam.

Vỡ mộng vì ‘trâu già’ cày tiền ảo Trung Quốc

Virtual money machines at a “Buffalo stables”. Photo: QH

Recently, the attacks of hackers stealing 530 million USD virtual money from a virtual money trading has headquarters in Tokyo also prompted investor insecurity. The relevant authorities of the United States of America not long ago also sent the subpoena to two of those play the world’s largest virtual money is Bitfinex and Tether.

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