The computer is equipped with 1 TB of RAM has the power to?

Technology News:the computer is equipped with 1 TB of RAM can open thousands of simultaneous browser tab, download and view hundreds of high definition video, gaming, drop and run multiple operating systems at the same time.

The computer you are using how much RAM? Usually, a strong station nowadays also only has 32 GB of RAM, powerful personal computers can reach up to 64 GB of RAM. On average, the workstation only about 8 GB of RAM, laptop about 2 GB of RAM or less.

10 years ago, the maximum hard drive capacity of only 128 GB also, also now it has 24 hitting TB, even higher. So RAM? Did you ever think you can do anything with 1 TB of RAM?


Máy tính được trang bị 1 TB RAM có sức mạnh tới mức nào?

The picture above is the server is equipped with 16 memory regions, each region has 3 memory slots of RAM: 1 GB 32 bar (1×32 GB) and 2 16 GB stick (2×16 GB), each region of memory is 64 GB RAM. A total of 16 memory regions are: 16 x 64 GB = 1,024 GB of RAM.

However, this picture was taken some years ago. Now, the server is equipped with the RAM to 1 TB are no longer rare.

Most servers just to 16 GB or 32 GB of RAM. Very few desktop system usually would have up to 32 GB of RAM.

In addition to the technical limits, investment costs for RAM no less. Amazon are selling 1 stick of RAM Crucial 16 GB DDR4 Single price of about $152. 1 TB of RAM would be equivalent to 64 this RAM stick, buyer’s expensive about $10,000.

Máy tính được trang bị 1 TB RAM có sức mạnh tới mức nào?

Many modern computers are equipped with RAM up to 1 TB.

Even if you have the financial ability, the desktop system is also not enough all the RAM slot. On average, they are equipped with 2 or 4 slots, maximum of 8 RAM slots. Private servers can have 16 slots of RAM.


The current browser pretty much consuming the processor. We need to handle all of the multimedia content such as video, audio, documents, and dozens of different formats.

In detail, if you open the browser tab 15, at the same time, Firefox will consuming about 520 MB RAM, 750 MB of RAM are also about Chrome.

If you play games on the web, or open the multimedia interactive website, social network, the amount of RAM will consume more.

But with 1 TB of RAM? You can open a browser tab of thousands at the same time that the machine is still running smoothly.


When you view the video on the web, the browser will download the video down to a few seconds and then started playing. During playback, the browser will continue to download each section of the video and play each section each time the data is downloaded to your computer.

Each video data download section is called the buffer. The video buffer will stored in temporary memory (RAM). When RAM is exhausted, it will store in the virtual RAM-is part of the hard drive are extracted as host when the system uses the most amount of physical RAM.

Máy tính được trang bị 1 TB RAM có sức mạnh tới mức nào?

 1 TB RAM allows downloads and see hundreds of videos at once.

With 1 TB of RAM, you can buffer the dozens, even hundreds of different videos simultaneously.

Typically, load view many videos at the same time not Italy or by loading the data from the virtual to the physical RAM RAM slow. But what if you are not going to 1 TB of RAM.


The game played on the PC today usually loads all the data into RAM when launched, such download graphics, music, sounds, …

Game startup process very time consuming due to the need to download all data from the hard drive. That is also the reason why you need to take 1 minutes, even longer, to open the game play out.

With 1 TB of RAM, you can open multiple games on one machine and never need to close them again. Will the data stored in RAM and you can move from game to game there immediately if desired.

Even if it should break, do not play the game anymore, let the game run and you can return to the game at any time.

This principle also applies to memory consuming applications such as digital audio editing, video editing, photo editing high resolution. Just open them all and to that, your computer is still running smoothly.

Máy tính được trang bị 1 TB RAM có sức mạnh tới mức nào?

Run more game “assassins of memory” at the same time.


Basically, you can run the operating system in a different operating system. For example, can run macOS in the form window in Windows PC, or can even run Windows in Windows, or Windows in Linux.

This is called the virtual machine, used to emulate and virtualization operating system environment. There are many reasons for you to choose the virtual machine, for instance to check out the new operating system in a secure environment.

But the virtual machine also subtracts system resources, and is the largest limited RAM when running multiple virtual machines at the same time.

With 1 TB of RAM, this completely anxieties are gotten rid of. You can run the same operating system at dozens without worry about your orders.


Hard drive RAM is virtual drives on systems using a section of RAM to store data. To set the hard drive to RAM, you just install software computer chess games || RAMDisk on Windows, Mac or Linux.

RAM hard drive has a data transfer speed is very large. HDD hard drive usually present only data transmission speed of a maximum of 120 MB/s; SSD drive reaches a maximum of 550 MB/sec, while the hard drive RAM can achieve 6.4 GB/sec, more than 11 times faster than SSD drive.

With 1 TB of RAM, you can easily convert into RAM hard drive to maximize data transfer speed on your computer.

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