The iPhone is locked 47 years because to the inverse

Technology News:  A Chinese mother who was startled when discovers that she may have to wait 47 years to use his iPhone again.According to Sina, her Record, people in Shanghai, said she was astonished when 25,114,980 minute wait can try your password again to activate your phone. The number of minutes that the equivalent of about 47 years.

iPhone bị khoá 47 năm vì để con nghịch
The iPhone is locked to 47 years because of wrong pin code several times.

She said the phone Record is disabled after a two year old son of her and entered the wrong pin several times.

“I have many important files, photos and contacts in the phone,” Ms. Green said. “I have to wait more than 40 years to restart it? I will be too old to talk. 

Apple technicians said that such a phenomenon occurs when a password is entered wrong too many times, to protect the privacy and the data of the user.

“The phone will be disabled for 1 minute, then in the first 5 minutes and half an hour.After that, the lost time will be random, may even be 80 years, “this person said.

“There is no way to solve unless reset the system. Meanwhile, all the files will be lost. “

She also said that humor Record: “to wait 47 years, then perhaps I will tell my grandson that this is the disaster that caused your father”.

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