Why you don’t be foolish to buy super cheap price laptop?

Technology News: saying “any money that’s” result is not wrong. It is true that you will save a bit of money, but the price to pay when buying the cheap Windows laptops with longer lasting and more.

The cheap Windows laptop only a few million is the opportunity to help many people although no economic conditions still have a laptop to use, however to say truth is: they’re not as good as many people think. If totally afford, try to spend the extra money for the midrange model from the 10 million or more, or choose not to buy a Windows laptop Chromebook bargains, according to an analysis of HowToGeektechnology page.


The sample Windows laptop cheap there are so many problems, one of which includes:

-A super bad experience led touchpad use can not comfortably. Except when buying external mouse, you will not be able to use the touchpad which does not let go of the mouth swearing several times each day.

-Also should not expect much on the keyboard. Cheap laptops often have small screen size should contain a keyboard area no wider, smaller key sizes should standards will cause difficulties when typing.

-The screen is also less no different touchpad or keyboard, pale colors, terrible and perspective you need to sit in a “dead corner” to see images from the screen. Low resolution as well as weaknesses, but not worth to said lot.

Vì sao bạn đừng dại dột mua laptop giá siêu rẻ?

-Next is the quality of machining. The manufacturers usually cut a few things to save costs. Most of the cheap laptop made of plastic, are easy to bend when the powerful effects on it. Cheap hinges can no longer intact after 1 or 2 years.

-Internal hardware is also something worth saying. CPU speed is sluggish when to handle a modern operating system such as Windows, 10 2 GB RAM and graphics power also cannot expect anything more. Be careful when opening the browser tab 3.

-Some cheap used laptop memory model eMMC, is also solid as possible hard drive format the SSD but the speed of the very, very slow compared to the SSD. Its capacity is also not much, usually is 32 GB. Windows only 10 also form around 20 GB, and then, you just balance about 10 GB to install the software and save the data. Yet they often have memory card slots or USB ports so you don’t have to worry about lack of capacity.

-Some other use laptop hard drive model HDD motor, speed is quite slow compared to the SSD. If there are conditions, please upgrade to SSD improve operational speeds up slightly.

-A further problem lies in the webcam. Hope you will not take much to it by very bad quality, including external speakers nor pretty.

-That was the hard part. About the software, cheap rates usually come with bloatware, “garbage” data are preset manufacturer. You will have to take the time to clean them before using comfortable, or take time to wait for all of the software boots up all new users.

In the end, will be at you find frustration, regret has bought several million laptop and thought “why not to spend a little more to buy a better laptop?“.


You can avoid these problems by spending more. A laptop from 10 million or above will definitely alot better than the price of 5-6 million.

With the price on the 10 million, you’ll have a better keyboard, touchpad was better, nicer screen, hardware and quality tools can be used from 2 to 3 years. Everything is better, and you can use it long (certainly is longer than the laptop cost several million).

Before you go to buy, should sit at home reference, read reviews from reputable newspaper pages and users to choose for themselves a personal best, avoid being “bewildered” when to shop with dozens of samples sold in front.


Of course, not everyone has spent more money for a better laptop. If the sample cannot be shopping Windows laptop from 10 or 15 million or more, consider using a different platform or other options instead of Windows or laptop.

If you already are familiar with or the essential software only runs on Windows, and most of the time use your computer is at home, then consider a desktop (desktop).Often the air table with same configuration are cheaper laptops, upgrading or replacement of components is also easier.

Vì sao bạn đừng dại dột mua laptop giá siêu rẻ?

Chromebook is pretty good alternatives in case no possibility and no matter what operating system

If you need a laptop because or move more but are not required to use Windows, consider a Web hosting platforms. Chrome OS does not require to configure too strong as Windows, so you can totally have a laptop cheaper but overall still better than a Windows laptop in the same segment.

Of course, cheap Chromebook still can not for the quality of processing or hardware such as the Chromebook expensive, but the ability to browse the web and run Android apps is still helping them as effective tools for the tasks of the Office , basic entertainment.

Please consider carefully and choose wisely for themselves to have a laptop to use long term.

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