Will have a Surface Laptop and super cheap price from year 2 Surface Book 2018

Technology News : in which, Mr. big tech will kick off the cheap version of this device intended user objects have less pocket money.

Microsoft Surface is a series of laptop and phablet “thousand” literally true with the expensive price among the devices on the current market. But recently, Microsoft has announced that they will introduce the model Surface Laptop and Surface Book 2 with the price is a lot cheaper, and of course the specifications were “minimal”.

Accordingly, the company will introduce a new Surface Laptop version runs on the Intel Core processor m3 comes Intel HD graphics chip Graphics 615, will use 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. A starting price of this product will be $799 (about 17.5 million us dollars). The previous version of Surface Laptop are from 999 USD (about 22 million us dollars), but was equipped with high-end Core i5 processor.

Sẽ có Surface Laptop và Surface Book 2 giá siêu rẻ từ năm 2018

 Fan Surface will be able to own the products with cheaper price before

Similarly, Surface Book 2 in 2018 will have prices start dial points from 1199 USD (about 26.5 million) with 13.5 inch screen, use the chip Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. While the predecessor versions always have prices from 33 million with the lowest in memory is 256 GB.

Of course in the segment above, Microsoft will continue to develop the line laptop and tablet its advanced with the upgrade of the elements and has more expensive rates. The release of the line laptop and Tablet cheap hybrid shows Microsoft is considering heading to the clients with limited pocket money than (the broader market segments which it operates are served).

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