Xiaomi Microsoft partnership launches smart speaker integrated virtual assistant Cortana

Technology News: and Microsoft have Xiaomi has just signed an agreement of cooperation for development of new products, which is smart speaker.


Xiaomi hợp tác Microsoft ra mắt loa thông minh tích hợp trợ lý ảo Cortana

Previously, both had the partnership about using the Office applications Microsoft Office on smartphone Xiaomi. Now with this new agreement, will focus on bringing the artificial intelligence Cortana to Xiaomi speakers.

The agreement also is expected to combine the experience of Microsoft in cloud technologies with expertise in the field of the hardware of Xiaomi.

In fact, Xiaomi had a speaker at his own cleverness is Mi. However it only supports Chinese users. Cortana is also currently has support for English (Australia, USA, uk, Canada), China, France, Germany, Japan, Italy and Spain.

New smart speaker from Xiaomi essentially integrates her virtual assistant Cortana in Mi.

Sale price of Xiaomi Mi who is also very pleasant, only 50 USD (about 1.1 million).Yet clearly the moment the product is officially sold out.

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